Invitation – Ecclesiastes 3:11 – November 22nd, 2020

By on November 22, 2020


Thanks for sharing your Sunday morning with us (or any other time you are watching this).  After putting this service together, I came to realise that the whole thing is a message.  There is stuff, I will admit it now, that I have left out of the sermon; things that really should be there.  Things like the role of the Cross in Jesus’ invitation to us to follow Him.

But I am not as eloquent as Chris Tomlin and his song “White Flag” or Elevation Worship and “O Come to the Altar”.  Hillsongs, “I will Boast in Christ Alone” again focuses our attention on what Jesus has accomplished for us, while their “King of Kings” places us within God’s continuing work by His Spirit in establishing the Kingdom of God.

Nestled in there is our prayer time, led by Karol.  Her emphasis gives a wonderful balance to what we experience this morning.

It is our prayer that you will experience God’s holy presence wherever you worship Him today.

Love you all



Bible Project Overview of Ecclesiastes









Ecclesiastes 3:11 contains 2 facts about what God has done. First He has hidden Eternity in our hearts. Second, we are no closer to understanding God and His purpose. Listen as Richard unpacks something of what that means for us.



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  1. Hellene Heron
    November 21, 2020

    I am thankful for a healthy new granddaughter. A blessing that you have given our family. I am thankful for a healthy delivery for my daughter and an uneventful recovery. I am thankful for my other daughter successful operation. God of God, king of Kings I thankyou for holding me in your palm


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