We are always excited when we hear how God is at work among our community. We hope you are encouraged by these stories.


Ulcerative Colitis Healed

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a condition of the bowel for which there is no cure only symptom management for those who are lucky, a lot of pain for those who are unlucky.  My symptoms were quite well managed but I still suffered bouts of extreme pain. Five months ago I had some prayer ministry for another health problem (which was healed) and mentioned my ulcerative colitis as something I would love God to heal. I received prayer for it at that time. I recently had tests to check on this condition and there was no sign of any ulcerative colitis at all. Praise God for His love and healing power.” (August, 2013)

Breakfast Club


We had the privilege of working alongside of some of the staff at Stuart High this morning at Breakfast Club. Thanks for having us, we look forward to seeing you regularly! (March 2014)








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