Christmas – God’s Invitation. December 20th, 2020

By on December 20, 2020

In 2020 the context for all of us changed. The hope and potential of the new year disintegrated into fear and frustration as a pandemic swept across the globe. New phrases like social distancing, Covid safe and contact tracing entered our vocabulary. We all spared a thought for those locked away in social isolation, and we grieved for what was happening in other parts of our world. In some ways this has been a sad year, a dark year; a year people wished was over.

But despite the brokenness of 2020, Christmas still comes and speaks its words of light, joy, hope, peace and perhaps loudest of all, love.  The promise of Christmas is the same as it has always been; that in God’s gift of his son, Jesus, God invites us to share in His light, joy, hope, peace and of course love, even in the worst of years.

Christmas Message - God's Invitation

Christmas still comes despite the set-baks of 2020 and Covid 19 Luke 2:1-15

Listen to Pastor Richard as he, with significant help from the Skit Guys, unpacks what sort of person God invited and still invites to witness His coming.

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