From Passover to the Lord’s Supper – Anticipating Easter

By on April 3, 2022

Join our preacher today, Andrew Tran, as he encourages us to anticipate Easter by getting wrapped up in God’s story of Easter. Working from Exodus 12:21-28, Andrew helps us to see how and why Easter came about in the history of God’s promises and why it is important for us. The same sense of memorial God commands concerning Passover, Jesus commands those who share in the Lord’s Supper, recorded for us in Mark 14:12-26. Andrew leaves us with three applications:

1. To remind ourselves of God’s redemption story, the goodness of the Gospel, because our hearts are prone to wonder.

2. Trust in God’s faithfulness. He keeps His promises, so trust Him when things are good and not so good.

3. God invites us to participate in His story through Him working through our own story. We are Jesus’ body, we are His workmanship, so we should live on His terms and thereby participate in His story in communicating the Gospel.


From Passover to the Lord's Supper - Anticipating Easter

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